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Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG)

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Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic Weighted Compression Therapy Blanket (3.2KG) Sensory Integration Ark Therapeutic
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Product SKU : WillbargerBrush
Size : L97 * W5 * H157 cm

  • Great for depression,anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, SPD and Autism
  • Great for autism that have sleeping problems
  • Weighted blankets can accomplish deep touch pressure (like a hug)
  • Provides sensory input and tactile stimulation
  • Dimension: 97 x 157cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg


~ Provide calming sensory input and tactile stimulation by using a weighted blanket
~ Calms nervous energy during the day and/or before bed
~ The weighted blanket provides Deep Touch Pressure and sensory stimulation for children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Asperger’s, anxiety, autism (ASD) and ADHD
~ Material: Inner -100% Cotton Shell - 100% Polyester. Filling - Non-Toxic Poly Pellets
~ Removable and Washable Shell


The weighted blanket is made of 100% Cotton (inner), 100% Polyester (cover) with Non-Toxic Poly Pellets (filling). Each small compartment has the poly pellets sewn into place, so that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed and fits perfectly to the body. The removable minky dot cover is made of ultra-soft minky fabric to keep you cozy and comfortable.


Care instructions:
MACHINE WASHABLE: The blanket AND duvet cover are both machine washable! See labels for care instructions!


CALM AND COMFORTABLE: Our heavy blanket is cozy, comfortable and will make you feel like being hugged by your loved ones. MACHINE WASHABLE: The blanket AND duvet cover are both machine washable! See labels for care instructions!


It’s a blanket with some extra weight for a better sleep.
Highly recommended for individuals who have Autism, sensory overload, anxiety, ADHD, SPD, ADD or for anyone who could not sleep well.


Seeking Better Sleep Under a Weighted Blanket:
While weighted blankets have benefits that work for a many number of disorders, like depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, SPD and Autism.


Weighted blankets have also been shown to reduce self-stimulatory behavior, also known as fidgeting or stimming With the minky, we added dots to the blanket that give it an extra amount of sensory input. 


The answer is yes! There is quite a bit of science that supports the therapeutic uses of weighted blankets. 

The quick overview is the underlying science of weighted blankets is deep touch pressure, often abbreviated to DTP or DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy).  

Deep touch pressure is basically any gentle pressure that is distributed across the body. A massage or hug could qualify as DTP. 

Often, parents who raise children with autism will have to lay with them while they fall asleep. This is deep touch pressure in action. The gentle pressure calms the nervous system and releases serotonin.

Weighted blankets can accomplish deep touch pressure, which alleviates the need for a lot of parents having to hug their child while they fall asleep! 



This is the main reason we typically get for parents buying their autistic child a weighted blanket. 

It’s very common for children with autism to have sleeping problems, so parents are usually very excited when they discover how much a weighted blanket can help.

There are a few reasons that weighted blankets can help improve sleep for children with autism.

The first is that weighted blankets release serotonin in the body due to the deep touch pressure. Serotonin is an important chemical when it comes to feeling calm and having a stable mood. Children with autism are often low in serotonin.

Not only does the release of serotonin help a child feel calmer, but serotonin is needed to create melatonin in the body. Children with autism also tend to be low in melatonin.

Melatonin is a chemical that your body uses to tell itself that it’s time to go to bed. It’s typically based off of your current sleep schedule. However, since children with autism tend to not produce melatonin very well on their own, they struggle to have a natural sleep schedule.

Many parents will supplement with melatonin, but a weighted blanket could be another great option to try!

Another reason weighted blankets can help improve sleep is that they calm down the nervous system and have been shown to reduce anxiety. Often anxiety is one of the factors that keeps children with autism up.

The last reason weighted blankets can help is simply that they are heavy and will reduce tossing and turning.

Weighted blankets can be a great way to improve transitions from one activity to another, which typically can be a problem for children with autism.

One example, teachers using weighted blankets in the classroom when children would come in from recess. Often, children will come in very excited, and getting them to sit down and focus can be difficult. The teachers would dim the lights and use the blankets for 5 to 10 minutes to help the children transition into classroom time.

This can be used in a number of other scenarios. It could be when your child comes home from school, in from playing outside, or even transitioning into something like a car ride. Weighted blankets are easy enough to pack along.

One of the hardest transition times parents have with autistic children is getting them to go to bed. While we showed how weighted blankets could help during and falling to sleep, they can also be used in the pre-bedtime routine.

Perhaps you can lay the weighted blanket on your child while they read on the couch or your read to them. It can have the good physiological benefits, but can also become a symbol to represent that it’s time to wind down for the day and get ready for bed.

While not only children with autism have sensory processing disorder, it is a factor for a lot of them. The added weight of the blankets can be a great sensory input.

For a lot of children with ASD or SPD, having a feeling of where their body ends can be important for developing body awareness. While this can be accomplished with things like body socks or sensory swings, tk weighted blankets are another great option.

On top of the weight, you can get the benefit of the fabric, depending on what type of blanket you purchase. The blankets we sell on Nozig are made with an extremely soft fabric called minky. It also holds up well to washing and will stay soft for a very long time.

With the minky, we added dots to the blanket that give it an extra amount of sensory input. The soft fabric, plus the dots and the weight of the blanket it makes it a great option for a sensory seeker. And it’s something they can bring along with them, whether it's to a movie, car ride, or the classroom.

So while you can indirectly improve classroom performance with a weighted blanket by improving your child’s sleep and helping them transition when coming in from recess, there’s a few studies showing that deep touch pressure directly improves performance in the classroom!

The studies mentioned here used weighted vests, but the benefits would be the same with a weighted blanket draped over the legs or shoulders, or even a smaller weighted lap pad.

One study found that deep touch pressure had a positive effect with on-task behavior for children when it comes to fine motor skills, like writing. Another one showed that children with autism have better in-seat behavior when they are using a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets have also been shown to reduce self-stimulatory behavior, also known as fidgeting or stimming. This can be a major factor in children not being able to focus. With less self-stimulatory behavior distracting the child, they are better able to focus on what they are learning.


How to Wash a Weighted Blanket:
Weighted blankets can be of great comfort to many people. Taking good care of your blanket will allow you to keep enjoying the comfort your blanket provides.

The important part of taking care of your blanket is knowing what material it is made of, and washing it according to the fabric's needs or manufacturer's instructions. Cold water and gentle cleaning products can keep you holding on to them for longer with careful machine or hand washing.


Preparing a Weighted Blanket for Washing:

Read the cleaning instructions. Your blanket might have special instructions for treating or washing it.

Tags on the blanket or instructions that came with purchase may tell you if there are special washing instructions for your particular brand. If it requires special care, the manufacturer may have indicated this.
Check the material of your blanket. Gentle machine washes in cold water are generally advised for most blankets, but this can differ depending on the fabric of your blanket and its level of cleanliness.
Some blankets have a removable outer layer. If yours does, it can be treated and washed separately. This layer will function like a duvet cover covering the inner weighted blanket and is easily removed.


Inspect your blanket thoroughly:

This is a good way of checking for any damage or stains that may require pre-treating before you wash the whole blanket. Treating your stains prior to washing can prevent them from being ‘baked in’ or set into the fabric of your blanket during the washing and drying process.
If you can, treat your stains as soon as you spot them. This will prevent stains from setting into your blanket, and make them easier to clean.
If the stain is an older one, you will treat it best if you know what kind of stain it is. Treatment will differ if the stain is from a food spill, body fluid, or other type of dirt.

Washing a Removable Outer Layer:

Remove the outer layer. Your blanket may have an outer layer to protect the inner weighted material. It will be kept closed by a zipper or series of snaps. Undo these and carefully peel the outer layer from the blanket.

Put the layer in the washing machine. Use a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water.
Use a small amount of liquid detergent. This usually goes into the central slot of the detergent dispenser on a front loader. Avoid bleach or whitening agents.
Depending on its size or thickness, the cover may need to be washed by itself. Alternatively, you can wash it with a few towels to keep the washer balanced.
If this is a first wash or the cover has bright colours that run, wash the cover separately in a cold, gentle machine wash with 1 cup of salt to set the colours.

Put the layer in the washing machine:

Hand Washing a Weighted Blanket:
Submerge the blanket completely in the water. Push the blanket into the water to completely cover it in the soapy water. Use your hands to gently knead the blanket in sections so you know where you have cleaned. Leave the blanket in the tub and drain the water from the tub.


Remove the excess water:
Squeeze out the excess water from the blanket by rolling it tightly. You don't need to wring it out. Do this repeatedly until most of the water has been dispelled.
You can roll or fold the blanket and press on it to squeeze out the water.
You will not be able to get all the water from the blanket, which is normal.
Wringing out your blanket could misshape or redistribute its weight, so squeezing is the best option.


Dry the blanket:
Lay it out in the sun or over a banister. Shake it out every 30 minutes to shake out excess water and redistribute the weight.
These blankets are designed to provide additional levels of comfort via evenly distributed weight and gentle pressure, so keep them as even as possible.

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