I Education Solution is a company that supplies pre-school and kindergarten equipments. Our main office is located in Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia. We specialized in building playground (indoor and outdoor) and supplies school furniture, school office equipment, musical equipment, sport equipment, IQ games, toys, wooden gym, costume, etc. Contact us now for more details.


Large External Button Controller

LED Acrylic Board

Wood Grain Infinity Mirror

Single Sensory Tube with Platform

Kindergarten Art & Craft Level 4 (15/set)

Kindergarten Art & Craft Level 3 (15/set)

Kindergarten Art & Craft Level 2 (15/set)

Art & Craft Level 1 (15/set)

ZTC015L Carpet - Hopscoth (2x1m)

ZTC010 Carpet- Alphabet Animals (2x1.5)

ZTC007 Carpet - World Flag (1.9x1.33m)

ZTC006 Carpet - Ludo

RM 149.00Add to CartRM 209.00Add to CartRM 209.00Add to CartRM 139.00Add to Cart

K4682 Water Bottle DIY Painting

K4681 Magic Christmas Tree Planting ( set of 3 )

K4680 Christmas Mini Whack-a-mole Game Machine Kids Speed Push with Christmas Box

K4676 Christmas Projection Camera

RM 20.00Add to CartRM 19.00Add to CartRM 8.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to Cart

COP-038 Cop Gigi Haiwan (16pcs)

COP-034 Cop Gigi Manusia (11pcs)

COP-016 Cop Ikan Air Tawar (16pcs)

COP-015 Cop Buah-Buahan Tempatan (14pcs)

RM 83.90Add to CartRM 70.90Add to CartRM 57.90Add to CartRM 50.90Add to Cart

Gym Mat Fitness Eva Foam

Gym Mat Fitness Exercise Eva Foam Puzzle

Baby Playmat EVA Foam Puzzle

Wall Padding Sky Theme

RM 12.00Add to CartRM 8.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to CartRM 145.00Add to Cart

Fencing Zip Adjustable Fence (PU)

Baby Fencing Foam PVC

XLAH507 Easy Stack Cot

Haenim (Korea) Baby Play Yard Petit 8 Panels White + Foldable Play Mat

RM 1,800.00Add to CartRM 750.00Add to CartRM 179.00Add to CartRM 999.00Add to Cart

Graduation Gown

Graduation Gown

YY Graduation Gown Set X

YY Graduation Gown Set R

RM 69.00Add to CartRM 59.00Add to CartRM 79.90Add to CartRM 59.90Add to Cart

ML02 Yellow Ring Bell

M055 Wooden Sleigh Bell

M057 Rotating Music Tone

M049 20cm Kids Drum

RM 15.90Add to CartRM 25.90Add to CartRM 109.00Add to CartRM 79.00Add to Cart

K3618 Puzzle Shape Pairing Blocks

K4684 Projection Watch Dinosaur

K4683 Pinball Shooting Board Games

K4679 DIY Painted Planet

RM 19.00Add to CartRM 25.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to CartRM 35.00Add to Cart

K3588 Manipulative Toys - Lacing Button

K3588 Manipulative Toys - Snow Flakes

K3588 Manipulative Toys - Interstar Rings

K3588 Manipulative Toys - Pipes Blocks

RM 15.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to Cart

DOUBLE PRINTING Educational Money Play Set wt Random Box

SB21002AW Giant Pan Balance

VG59692 Cash Register

XYNS20A 12 Sided Dice (115mm)

RM 25.00Add to CartRM 95.00Add to CartRM 139.00Add to CartRM 53.90Add to Cart

VG50337 Magnetic Writing Board - Uppercase Shape Set (26 Pcs)| Wooden Alphabet Trace Board

VG50339 Magnetic Writing Board - Number Set (10 Pcs)| Wooden Number Shape Trace Board

VG50340 Magnetic Writing Board - Geometric Shape Set (10 Pcs)| Wooden Number Shape Trace Board

KB002 Apples Counting Peg Board

RM 689.00Add to CartRM 295.00Add to CartRM 295.00Add to CartRM 129.00Add to Cart

KH-AH-11 10 in 1 Car Construction Kit

KH-AH-05 318 Pieces Play & Learn 3D Contruction Block (4 Box)

KH-AH-04 Set Binaan Mekanikal (4 Kotak)

KH-AH-10 Set Binaan Rekabentuk & Teknologi

RM 79.90Add to CartRM 149.00Add to CartRM 179.00Add to CartRM 69.00Add to Cart

EXCT 1715 ( L ) Reception Counter

EXCT1800 Reception Counter

BL-3010 Budget Seating - Fabric A

Budget Seating BL-2400

RM 1,040.00Add to CartRM 620.00Add to CartRM 185.00Add to Cart

Wonderland Playground

Play Tents Children's Play House with Board Climbing

Little Tikes Playhouse Endless Adventures

Bazoongi Play Tent Tree Monkey Hut

RM 1,099.00Add to CartRM 990.00Add to CartRM 4,899.00Add to CartRM 199.00Add to Cart


Double Pull Down Station

Double Push Up Station

Double Leg Press

RM 2,499.00Add to CartRM 4,250.00Add to CartRM 4,250.00Add to CartRM 3,150.00Add to Cart

Kindergarten Flash Sales 2023

Kindergarten Flash Sales

Kindergarten Flash Sales

Kindergarten Flash Sales

Unisex Cowboy Costume B

K4711 Unisex Cowboy Costume A

K4709 National Dance Costume

K4707 Sling Dance Girl

RM 69.00Add to CartRM 59.00Add to CartRM 59.00Add to CartRM 55.00Add to Cart
Happy Kids Furniture 

QA025 Multi-Coloured Pigeon Hole Shoe Rack

QA039 Multi-Coloured 12 Hole Cubby Shelf

Q030H 4' Flower Shaped Manipulative Table (H:76cm)

QW011FL Rectangular Table with Foldable Legs

RM 589.00Add to CartRM 619.00Add to CartRM 489.00Add to CartRM 239.00Add to Cart

Pyramid Food 12/set

EBL033 Bug Barn

EBL128 6 In 1 Explorer Tool Kit

EMS228 100x 1200x Zoom Microscope Set

RM 2,050.00Add to CartRM 99.00Add to CartRM 53.00Add to CartRM 229.00Add to Cart

Triangle Climber

XRC26002-1 Wall Climber Panel - Single Unit

VG44573 Rainbow Rocker - Wooden Climber Rocker

VG44660 Wooden Balancing Curve Board - Wooden Climber Rocker

RM 499.00Add to CartRM 2,399.00Add to CartRM 419.00Add to CartRM 299.00Add to Cart

PJ-SI-13 Vestibular Skills Training Kit

XZ041 22" PE Jumping Sacks (6/Set)

X004 Jumping Sacks (6/Set)

LGGC9515 Megaball Ø Cm150 O

RM 1,100.00Add to CartRM 145.00Add to CartRM 259.00Add to CartRM 1,219.00Add to Cart





VG50862 Writing Chinese Numbers

VG50864 Drawing Animals

VG44633 Wall Mounted Toys - Movement And Facial Expression Turntable | Spinning Games

VG50860 Writing Shapes

RM 109.00Add to CartRM 109.00Add to CartRM 319.00Add to CartRM 109.00Add to Cart

Water Based Magnetic Paint

Water Based Whiteboard Paint

Water Based Chalkboard Paint

RM 110.00Add to CartRM 150.00Add to CartRM 80.00Add to Cart 

KM2000.1 WePlay Motor Skill Universal Set

KT4301 Air Cushion (60 cm)

KT4302 Air Cushion (35 cm)

KP6016 Weplay Up On Top

RM 3,528.00Add to CartRM 639.00Add to CartRM 219.00Add to CartRM 264.00Add to Cart

SN15 Aluminium Frame White Board


NEWS SERIES Newspaper & Magazine Rack

MR SERIES2 Magazine Rack

RM 27.90Add to CartRM 559.00Add to CartRM 249.00Add to CartRM 249.00Add to Cart

MD2124 Mideer Matching Puzzle - Fun with Color

MD2116 Mideer Matching Puzzle - Proessions

MD3166 Mideer 4 in 1 Puzzle - Seasons

MD3163 Mideer 4 in 1 Puzzle - Museum

RM 25.00Add to CartRM 25.00Add to CartRM 65.00Add to CartRM 65.00Add to Cart
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